CSRA Business Lending has worked with banks throughout the service area.  Here's what some of those banks have to say about working with us.

“When I retired from Congress after having served in the House of Representatives from 1977 until 1993, I was asked to serve as a member of the Board of Directors and Loan Review Committee of CSRA Business Lending. I want to convey to you first hand my opinion of how well the SBA-504 loan program works. It is an excellent tool to grow small businesses.”

Doug Barnard, Jr.
Former 10th District Congressman

“We have worked with CSRA since our inception in 1988 and funded over 120 projects with them...   if your bank does not have a source for 504 loans they would be an excellent choice. They have been a tremendous resource for our bank.”

Dan Blanton, President & CEO 

(2016 Chairman - American Bankers Association)
Georgia Bank and Trust

“Athens First has partnered with CSRA on several deals... our customers see the value of the 504 loan as a "win-win" situation... we see this program as an integral part of our business development success.”

Laurie Clark, Executive Vice President
Athens First

“It is hard for me to describe to other bankers how vital CSRA Business Lending has been to our bank.  The SBA-504 program has allowed us to provide loans to our customers who we would not have been able to provide otherwise.  One of the reasons I have been involved as a board member for over 20 years is I believe in their non-profit economic development mission of helping small business owners .”

Remer Brinson, President

(2015 Chairman - Georgia Bankers Association)
State Bank of Georgia

“The SBA 504 Loan is an excellent source of funding... I no longer hesitate using the SBA 504 Loan program.”

Chuck Stafford, President and CEO
United National Bank

“CSRA does a great job of not only loan processing, but communicating with our customers and explaining in simple terms what at first seems to be a complex transaction.”

Bill Easterlin, President and CEO
Queensborough National Bank